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MedLaw medicolegal report service poviders

MedLaw is Ireland's leading medicolegal service provider

MedLaw provides a complete independent medicolegal reporting service to
law firms, insurance companies, and public bodies

With over 300 medics on the MedLaw panel, and access to hundreds of pre-reserved timeslots weekly, MedLaw provides a complete medicolegal service


All report types

MedLaw covers all report types - from early stage assessments & PIAB applications reports, up to complex litigation & medical negligence


Nationwide Clinics

MedLaw’s medico legal clinics cover all medical specialities and areas of the country.

We arrange our medics to provide mobile clinics to cover different regions


Complete Service

We take care of the entire medicolegal process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your case

Clinic locations

MedLaw Clinic Locations

*This map shows our regular clinics only, it does not include locations of medics who periodically provide specialist reports for MedLaw

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