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Interview Series (Part 2) Augustus Cullen Law

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Listen to Sean Carroll, Founder and Director of MedLaw, who recently sat down with Jamie Hart, Partner at Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors to discuss the medico legal reporting process and the initial instruction letter you should send to a consultant.

Watch Part 2 Below


In Part 2, we hear Sean and Jamie consider the importance of an ideal Instruction Letter. Jamie details the criteria which should be included, the purpose of a thought-out letter of instruction, and the damaging impact this can have if not completed correctly.

This provides a factual summary of the case and sets out what your expert needs to address, including the parameters which within they are working. Identifying and including documents such as medical reports and previous doctors’ reports related to your client supports the consultant with corroborating information they can avail of when making their assessment. Sean shares a discouraging estimate of the number of Instruction Letters he has received that do not include this level of detail.

Furthermore, this sparks a reflection on the value of an open and trusting relationship between the expert and soliciting firm as he describes past situations where this information was available to him through his own hospital had he been informed from the outset.

Something that, in turn, can save the solicitor potentially weeks of time and work accessing this information through data protection and freedom of information offices.

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