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Interview Series (Part 3) Augustus Cullen Law

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Listen to Sean Carroll, Founder and Director of MedLaw, who recently sat down with Jamie Hart, Partner at Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors to discuss the medico legal reporting process and the how to get your client involved.

Watch Part 3 Below


In Part 3, Sean begins the conversation around client involvement during an assessment, through a questionnaire relating specifically to their injury. He believes this is a powerful tool, as the information gathered provides a consultant with an idea of the clients’ complaints vs what is typically expected from the injury at hand.

Jamie touches on the hesitations a solicitor may have when it comes to questionnaires, due to the scrutiny under which their client’s recollection is placed during a case. He acknowledges that a questionnaire that is consistent with all the following information discussed, during examinations from both sides prior to reaching court, would be very beneficial.

Sean adds a further note regarding the numerical value a questionnaire can provide. Something that can be recorded at the time and then reliably compared against at a later date should the client see improvements or regression. In agreement that questionnaires should be more common in medico-legal assessments (since they are often used as a diagnostic tool in hospital settings), Sean offers a consideration that may affect the reliability of the information from time to time.

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