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Interview Series (Part 4) Augustus Cullen Law

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Listen to Sean Carroll, Founder and Director of MedLaw, who recently sat down with Jamie Hart, Partner at Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors to discuss the medico legal reporting process and expected quality as well as timelines you should expect.

Watch Part 4 Below


In Part 4, Sean and Jamie start by reviewing the standard of medico-legal reporting, share opinions on where this should be, and the expectations for turnaround time. Sean feels that, as a key role in the process, there is no reason a standard personal injury report should take an expert longer than 2 weeks for a one who is in the frame of being in the medico-legal reporting business.

Jamie outlines the caution of setting this expectation as a solicitor with the understanding of how busy a doctor’s schedule may be. Assuring him that if you’re working with someone who is committed to offering this service, Sean believes this should not be a problem as he details his own process for completing a report.

They move towards a discussion brought to Jamie’s attention by other Irish doctors regarding the perception of ‘experts’ who offer medico-legal reporting who are not practicing doctors in Ireland. Sean recognizes the issue, and in agreement, notes the common trait of these consultants consistently working on the same side of each case, a plaintiff or defendant expert.

From the beginning of MedLaw, Sean has prided himself on writing a complete and reliable report regardless of who it is for. It is counterproductive and unsustainable to do one or the other. We hear Sean describe his interactions with patients when conducting a report on the other side, and the reassurance that his role is not to denigrate the client, but to write a fair report.

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