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Interview Series (Part 1) Augustus Cullen Law

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Listen to Sean Carroll, Founder and Director of MedLaw, who recently sat down with Jamie Hart, Partner at Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors to discuss the medico legal reporting process and the relationship between law firms and medical consultants.

Watch Part 1 Below


In Part 1, Sean and Jamie discuss their shared view of the importance and value of clear communication between both the law firm and consultant when conducting a medico-legal report.

They refer to the initial fears and difficulties encountered on both ends in their early careers, and how time and experience has shown such concerns can be avoided through an open and honest relationship.

Sean expresses the significance of recognition between both professions as experts in their own fields, and how building this trust results in providing all parties involved with the ultimate outcome, a clear and helpful report.

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