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PIAB Application Assessment  Reports You Can Trust.

Comprehensive, quality-assured piab application assesment reports for all your piab application case requirements.

Welcome to MedLaw, your trusted partner in medico-legal reporting for PIAB applications and assessments. Our award-winning team specialises in simplifying the medico-legal process, ensuring that legal and insurance firms receive comprehensive and timely reports for PIAB applications.


Understanding PIAB and Its Importance

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) plays a crucial role in assessing injury compensation claims in Ireland. It aims for quick and fair resolution without the need for extensive litigation. Medical professionals are integral in this process, providing necessary medical reports. At MedLaw, we source the best experts to prepare these vital documents, ensuring they meet PIAB's standards.


MedLaw's Role in PIAB Medical Report Preparation

Our team ensures that each PIAB medical report is clear, concise, and provides a definitive prognosis. We adhere strictly to the guidelines set by both PIAB and the Medical Council of Ireland. By managing the entire process, from sourcing experts to delivering reports, we guarantee efficiency and accuracy.


Data Protection and Confidentiality in PIAB Reports

At MedLaw, we prioritise data protection and confidentiality, complying with GDPR regulations in handling sensitive medical data. Clients can trust us to maintain the utmost security and privacy in their medical reporting.

Clinic locations

MedLaw Clinic Locations

*This map shows our regular clinics only, it does not include locations of medics who periodically provide specialist reports for MedLaw

Why Choose MedLaw for PIAB Assessment Injury Reports?


The PIAB Assessment Process

We assist clients through the entire PIAB assessment process. This includes submitting claims, ensuring all necessary documentation and medical reports are complete and accurate. Our expertise also extends to facilitating any required independent medical examinations, a common step in PIAB's assessment.


PIAB Injury Valuation and MedLaw’s Expertise

Understanding PIAB's method of assessing injury compensation is crucial. MedLaw provides expert guidance in navigating the valuation process, including recent changes in award values. We assist in comprehensively detailing all aspects of a claim to ensure fair and adequate compensation assessment.


Experience the MedLaw Advantage

Choose MedLaw for your PIAB application and assessment needs. Contact us today to experience a service where expertise meets efficiency, and every report is a step towards a successful resolution.

MedLaw is dedicated to delivering exceptional medico-legal reporting services for PIAB applications and assessments. Our expert team is committed to providing swift, precise, and compliant services, ensuring our clients are well-equipped for successful compensation claims.

Contact MedLaw today to benefit from our expert and personal injury reporting services.

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