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Examining X-ray

Grown & run your medicolegal practice smoothly & efficiently 

MedLaw provides a full medicolegal practice management service, allowing you to focus on providing a quality reporting service

The MedLaw medicolegal service management package ensures your medicolegal practice runs as smoothly as possible

MedLaw's expert team provides our medics with a medicolegal practice management service on their behalf - looking after communication with clients, report requirements, invoicing & payments, and allowing our medics to focus on providing the best reports possible.

MedLaw supports you in growing your medicolegal practice by minimising the admin burden - and managing all client relationships on your behalf 

Benefits of working with MedLaw


A custom service package

The MedLaw team can build a service package that works for your practice.


Transparency &

MedLaw ensures that all parties are agreed on all elements of the report: parameters, fees, delivery timeline, etc


Medicolegal Indmenity

MedLaw's service package includes Professional Indemnity coverage for all reports done via MedLaw


Marketing your service

Clients can view your profile via MedLaw's various online medicolegal client portals


Invoicing &

MedLaw handles all aspects of payments, ensuring you are paid promptly without having to chase clients


Communication & Contacts

MedLaw handles all communications with clients on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your reports

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