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Professional Indemnity cover for your medicolegal practice

MedLaw provides comprehensive indemnity coverage at no cost for all of our medics 

MedLaw's medicolegal indemnity coverage allows our medics to grow their medicolegal practice with their PI covered by MedLaw

MedLaw's indemnity ensures all medics - including those retired from clinical practice - can continue to provide medicolegal reports without having to pay for additional cover

To discuss the MedLaw service package, and the medicolegal Professional Indemnity cover it provides to our medics, please contact MedLaw today

Benefits of the MedLaw indemnity


Full Coverage

MedLaw's indemnity protection covers you for any medicolegal work done via MedLaw


No cost

MedLaw's indemnity cover is provided at no cost to our medics, who are utilise the MedLaw medicolegal practice management service to help run their business.


A full service

The indemnity is part of a wider service MedLaw provides to medics to ensure their medicolegal practice runs and grows as efficiently as possible

How the MedLaw indemnity functions

MedLaw provides a blanket medicolegal indemnity to our medical experts, for all reports which are provided via MedLaw.

This ensures medics are full covered against claims in relation to their opinions provided in their medicolegal reports. The indemnity removes the need for medics to purchase their own indemnity for their medicolegal practice, as MedLaw provides full coverage under our banket indemnity.

To discuss your requirements, please contact MedLaw for further information.

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